Toronto based Flamenco dance artist Carmen Romero and Raqs Sharqi dance artist Yasmina Ramzy have collaborated to create a video project with live musicians from Spain and Egypt called Steam. Yasmina representing water and Carmen representing fire will create some steam.

Carmen Romero is known for her powerful performances. “ she ….delivers flamenco with a raw immediacy that is far closer to the source than a lot of the theatrical Spanish dance passed off as authentic. Toronto Star. ” 

Compañía Carmen Romero is a flamenco dance and music collective based out of Toronto, Canada. Originally founded in 1986 by Carmen Romero as artistic director to Candela Flamenca.

Carmen Romero is of Spanish heritage and was raised in Canada. It is remarkable that she has developed a collective of dancers and musicians that went on to perform with the collective , in Europe the United States and Asia. 

“The exclusive focus and depth of Romero’s commitment to the art of flamenco is not just understandable given her family heritage, but somehow fitting and more authentic.  She truly belongs to the history of flamenco in a way not easily achievedby non-Spanish dancers.” Dance International

The collective was then an ad hoc group of musicians and dancers who performed primarily at municipal and multicultural events. The collective produced three full-length theatrical flamenco productions: El Embrujo (The Bewitched) (1993), Flamenco Ayer y Hoy (Flamenco Yesterday and Today) (1997) and Carmen Complex (2003). El Embrujo. Flamenco de Ayer y Hoy premiered through Dance Works at the DuMaurier Theatre Centre, Toronto, then toured Canada the United States parts of Europe and Asia until 2002. The collective also created many smaller works such as Luna Llena (Full Moon) (1998), presented at fFIDA: this work competed in the 9th annual Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco at the prestigious Teatro Albeniz in Madrid, Spain. During this event, Compañía Carmen Romero /CANADA was posted on their dressing room and since then the company was renamed Compañía Carmen Romero  to reflect the milestone in the collective’s history as it was recognized as an international flamenco dance company representing Canada.

Yasmina Ramzy is a visionary and pioneer. Her prolific and highly sought after choreography is best known for its originality, elaborate staging and full range of emotional expression. She has created over 200 ensemble choreographies for 25 dance companies in USA and Canada including Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra, Earthshakers and Bellydance Superstars.

As mentor to countless professional Raqs Sharqi dance artists, Yasmina is known as a “Dance Whisperer” inspiring individuality and a path to artistic self expression. Her passion to represent an authentic art form compelled her to create 7 large international dance festivals featuring discussion and debate while staging as many as 150 artists in each festival and presenting over 50 master teachers such as Dina Talaat, Mahmoud Reda, Mohamed Khalil and Aida Nour.

Yasmina received her primary training from various teachers in Egypt and Syria. Since 1981, she has taught in more than 65 cities around the world. Yasmina has performed extensively in the Middle East, primarily with the master Muwashahaat trained musicians of Aleppo, Syria. Her full length six day theatrical productions have been presented 10 times with as many as 45 dancers and musicians at a time. Some of her productions have toured in USA, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and across Canada.

Yasmina has been awarded several arts grants from all three levels of government for her ground breaking and authentic choreography as well receiving awards from Arab communities for helping to nurture and uplift Arab dance and live music. She has produced 7 CDs and 15 DVDs. Currently, Yasmina teaches daily in Toronto as well as online, directs four dance companies (one online), offers the “Be The Canvas” programs in various cities, writing a book and in Spring 2020 will stage a new vision in presenting Raqs Sharqi dance and music with the production entitled “Al Qamar”.