Only One New Year Resolution For 2016

In January of 2014, I published my nine New Year resolutions in this blog but I only accomplished them in 2015 as follows:

1/ Dance alone in the studio more.

2/ No more smoking except for the occasional shisha.

3/ Meditate more.

4/ Remind myself everyday how lucky I am.

5/ Savour every interaction with all those I cross paths with.

6/ Keep seeking truth and love.

7/ Stop censoring myself in an effort not to offend others.

8/ Be fearless about my vision of Bellydance or whatever this art form is called.

9/ Pull out all the stops – this is the year we liberate Bellydance from the cage of sequins and the like.

I have only one 2016 New year resolution and it is to quit being so busy and stop to smell the roses…and jasmin…and lilacs.