Online Workshops

“a huge source of wisdom” 
Keisha McLean, Penicton, Canada


“learned a lot, taking it again” 
Alejandra Gutierrez, Ohio, USA


“great class, really enjoyed it” 
Vian Stetch, Thunder Bay, Canada 


Artful Improvisation

Sunday, July 19, 5:00-6:30pm EST

A good choreographer needs to be a good improviser and a good improviser needs to be a good choreographer. The skills go hand in hand. Be on point in your improvisation. Stay the course of the musical nuances, the arch of the piece, the changing dynamics. Learn how these things will inform your dance in the moment.


Art Between Steps

Friday, August 7, 3pm EST

Steps are just bookends for the real dance that expresses musical embellishments and emotional nuance. The real magic and art happens between the steps, in the transitions. Your individuality and life story connected with the music and your body have much to tell. The richness between the steps is what makes an engaging dance artist.


Creating Choreography

Saturday, August 8, 3pm EST

For ensembles and soloists – Creating choreography for student recitals or to express music or abstract ideas and tell a story. Creating meaningful choreographic art. What are the important differences between creating for a soloist and creating for an ensemble. Be unique and tell your story through a solo body or in space with many bodies. Build a bridge to your audience.


Artistic Vision

Sunday, August 9, 3pm EST

What is your unique artistic voice? Discover your personal message in your art and how to articulate it through creative dance expression. Discover and manifest your artistic vision that will shape your dance career and set you apart from the crowd. Discover the reason for your passion and gain the tools to effectively share it.


Cream & Honey Movement


Create movement without muscles or bones. Release and let go so your body is in a constant state of responsiveness. Allow your body to express movement without recognizable steps. All the audience sees is energy and emotion. Release & Respond to Movement. All Levels.


Directing Dance Companies


Managing, Directing, Rehearsing – it can be overwhelming. The logistics, the personalities, the time invested. Yasmina Ramzy has directedRaqs Sharqi professional companies, amateur troupes, music ensembles, and full productions as large as 45 artists for 35 years. Learn tricks to making things run smoothly with exceptional results.


Moving Rhythms

October 18 – November 8 – Sundays 10am PDT, 1pm EST, 5pm GMT

Have fun, Learn lots, Dance to Live Drum, Explore Rhythm emotion, Learn a full length brand new 3 minute Drum Solo choreography to Issam’s new composition, but mostly enjoy exploring rhythm art & creativity.