YRArts Be The Canvas

Creating impactful art is scary and exhilarating.

Yasmina Ramzy is best known for her large ensemble choreography with over 20 major dance companies internationally including Arabesque Dance Company and Bellydance Superstars. Intricate, complex, nuanced and soulful, her creativity is always highly acclaimed and ground-breaking.

Be The Canvas invites dance artists, company directors and choreographers to participate in the creative process over 3 days culminating in a performance. Yasmina draws out the individual talents of all the participants as muses.

  • Dance Artists, you learn to harness your emotions as a true interpreter
  • Company Directors, you learn how to conduct productive rehearsals
  • Choreographers, you learn where to discover inspiration and creativity

In real time, the music is chosen as a group and the inspiration ensues, always original. Yasmina views the ensemble dancers as different limbs of one body in three dimensional space. True art is created when you have no rules, tricks or crutches. Jump into the limitless possibilities with Yasmina.  This is a unique learning experience. The skills you gain are through first hand experience that will transform you fundamentally as a powerful artist.

This project can be presented in any city with an already existing dance company or as an ad hoc group of artists gathering just for the event. This is a much deeper learning alternative to the common workshop weekend. If interested, email yasminaramzyarts@gmail.com or call 1-415-953-7769.