Art Between Steps
Group Online Workshop

December 13 @ 6pm, Dec 14 @ 4pm, Dec 15 @ 1pm

ALL SOLD OUT – more dates TBA

Join from anywhere in the world. Limit 4 ppl.

Art Between Steps Steps are just bookends for the real dance that expresses musical embellishments and emotional nuance. The real magic and art happens between the steps, in the transitions. Your individuality and life story connected with the music and your body have much to tell. The richness between the steps is what makes an engaging dance artist.


YRArts Program B
February 7-9, 2020

YR Arts Program B gives you the tools for being a dynamic and creative dance artist. It covers and draws connections between improvisation, creating choreography, discovering the subtle nuances in music and movement, powerful and effective expression in performance and finding your creative passion and unique style.


YRArts Program C
April 24-26, 2020

YR Arts Program C  covers all aspects of being a working professional dance artist. It opens up the many proponents of delivering a comprehensive Raqs Sharqi with integrity, clarity, effectiveness and professionalism. It covers and draws connections between understanding your unique place and contribution to the art form, how to present your uniqueness to wider and wider audiences, managing and directing other dance artists and musicians, effecting substantial change in your students and delivering your message through creativity.


The Pro Course
July 18-26, 2020

The Pro Course


The renowned master musicians, choreographers and creative dance mentors offer you deeper insight into the infinite riches of Raqs Sharqi and your unique tapestry as a dance artist. In today’s global and ever changing landscape of venues and audiences for Raqs Sharqi, the successful dance artist needs to find her/his unique voice and where it is most productive.

What is your voice, how do you shine and where is your market? The YRA Pro Course answers these questions. Yasmina and guest teachers give you the tools to realize your vision and set you on a trajectory for success with meaning and purpose.


“Unrivalled! Yasmina and her staff of instructors are a wealth of knowledge… the most supportive, giving and open learning environment I have experienced. I highly recommend this course for the serious advanced dancer”
– Chellcy Reitsma, Chicago, U.S.A.

“Something wonderful!!! At one point I really thought about moving to Toronto… very intense, challenging and fun! I think Yasmina has a very special talent; being a wonderful dancer, gathering the most talented dancers and teachers, the best musicians. Yasmina is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had because she analyses so well and because she is so open hearted and willing to give everything in dance and not holding anything back. I think what is done here to take oriental music, arts and dance to a higher level should be happening everywhere around the world- THANK YOU SO MUCH!”
-Dina, Austria

“I couldn’t find a course such as this anywhere in Europe. It was much more than I expected. The quality of information, the precision of what “professional” means and the authenticity of Yasmina’s style made me feel and think in a completely different way about Bellydancing. I am very proud of having the opportunity to study with Yasmina and all of the Arabesque Team.”
– Ana Chora, Portugal

“Inspired, exhausted, Arabesque Pro Course really filled in the gaps and rounded out my experience of the dance.”
– Kali Zahira, Aukland, New Zealand

“Truly memorable, thought-provoking and life-changing experience…although the course is finished, I think it is just the beginning….there are some moments that will forever mark you and I just lived one of them in Arabesque Pro Course. I feel challenged and supported at the same time. Thank you Yasmina Ramzy and Arabesque for everything that you are and everything you stand for.”
– Angelica Jordan, Montreal, Quebec

“Thought-provoking, much to consider. Gave me direction where to go with my pracrice into the future. Total respect for Yasmina Ramzy.”
– Alia Thabit, New York

“Therapeutic, inspirational and motivating. Ready to cast my light. I learned many new things to go home and work on not just from Yasmina Ramzy but from my fellow Pro Course dance artists as well.”
– Amity Alize, New Hampshire

“I come out of Arabesque Pro Course with a bubbling heart and a full head of concepts and ideas to work with and implement. Two weeks goes by fast.”
– Mylene Cayer (Zahira), Sainte-Foy, Quebec

“It has been an incredible 2 week journey. I have learned so much about dance, history, people, movement, purpose, commitment, dedication, passion…love. I have learned there is space for everyone in art. During these 2 weeks, so many ideas and things came up that I look forward to going home and working on.”
– Loaya Quesada, Puerto Rico

“Feel so fortunate…once in a lifetime experience…a challenge to really re-look at myself as a dancer and what I thought I knew and finding new ways to be a dancer…really grew as a professional.”
– Kelvia, Puerto Rico/Conneticut, U.S.A.

“Motivated to want to fully grasp the dance and to fully give my soul to become a better dancer and artist…touched and inspired by so many teachers and other students during the Pro Course, never want it to stop.”
– Sharleen Rivero, Toronto, Ontario

“Filled in all the holes and gaps encompassing beyond the dance, including culture, artistry and the entire professionalism. The group was so diverse but became very cohesive.”
– Hala Jamal, Canmore, Alberta

“Feel inspired and motivated. Before I came to Pro course, I knew something was missing in my dance. Now I know what it is and I now have the tools to work on it.”
– Neyka (Sahra) Ramos, Conneticut

“The Pro Course gave me a wealth of information that will last a lifetime. Yasmina has such an impressive knowledge of this art form and was so open in sharing with us. She provided us with a memorable, challenging yet positive working environment. Personally, I feel I have evolved from taking this course and have been left with a more refined sense of direction when it comes to maximizing my potential as a Middle Eastern dancer.”
– Serena Kerbes, Alberta, Canada

“You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed and valued the Pro Course!!! The pro course was such an eye opener to show me how much more I need to know about belly dancing. It touched on so many important issues that everyone should know about! It would have been very difficult to go even more in depth and keep everyone’s focus since not everyone is looking to learn the exact same aspects of belly dance. My favourite part was Sashar and Walter’s workshops. Reason being, I never thought about stage presence. It plays such a big role and I never realized that if I want, I can take a course just on that! This course has taught me that to be fully rounded as a dancer I need to also learn things besides dance! My other favourite part was the incredibly ‘safe’ and supportive and positive environment which allowed me to feel free of judgment and to help me explore the possibilities of movement and myself. I’m not sure if Yasmina is aware of this but everything I have learned I will also incorporate in my classroom as a day school teacher. The pro course did more than help me grow as a dancer. It has changed me as a person and I’m eternally grateful for it!”
– Eva Hu, Toronto, Ontario

“I really appreciate all the quality of the Pro Course. It was informative and academic. Most of the teachers told us ‘choreography is not bellydance’ and asked us ‘why we dance?’ – which made me think about it seriously as it was easy to fall into the trap to stick to choreography and copying it. Especially our improvisation sessions were practical lessons. I also appreciate the different angles for belly dance such as stage presence classes with Persian Dance & Actor Training, and Ballet Class. I also enjoyed creating my own choreography and performing in front of other members. Feedback from them is always informative even they are not talking about me. I liked to try something it might be stupid but I could show and could get feedback – which is a safe zone to learn. I also enjoy 10 classed from variety of instructors. My expression (face, body movement) is not shy anymore. Japan’s society is a ‘shy’ society and people tend to avoid doing something extreme, especially in front of others, which sometimes prevents creativity. I feel comfortable that I am a person who expresses something to others. – I know it is something I will have to improve more. I have a confidence for the improvised performance now because of my practice with live music in Toronto. I pay more attention to translate music to movement than before.”
– Tamami Shirai, Japan

“The 2007 pro course changed my bellydance vision! I’m so happy – I’ve learned so much! I loved everything. I think I really enjoyed learning more about the Egyptian culture the best. The videos and all the things we share, I really enjoy the class with Sashar Zarif, and all the knowledge that Yasmina gave us. I think the live band performance was a great experience because a lot of us have never dance in front of an audience with live band, and it was fun ! = ) .The feedback after we dance. I wish it could have been longer!”
– Ivanka Espinosa, Panama

“This Pro Course opened my eyes, my ears and my body to dancing. I learned a lot from Yasmina, the other instructors and fellow dancers. The knowledge and inspiration I got from this will keep me busy improving myself for a while.”
-Judith Nursalim, Toronto, Ontario

“A highlight of my time studying at Pro Course was the experiential quality of the lessons. Each day brought new experiences, new ideas and took me to a deeper understanding of my art form. As a dance artist, my understanding and appreciation of the music and roots of the dance form have been magnified. As a performer my presence has expanded and transformed. As a dance teacher my knowledge has grown and will be passed down to others. The course was intensive and complete immersion for two weeks heightened the experience. It is the kind of course that could be experienced at various times during ones dance career and would take on new meaning each time. I would recommend this course for any serious, advanced dancer to take their art to a higher level.”
– Kristin Panylyk, Edmonton, Alberta

“The pro course helped me immensely in my confidence as a belly dancer and understanding in belly dancing. If it was not for this full two week experience I would not have got the boost I needed to go back to my home town and be a better teacher and performer. The pro course gave me the opportunity to dance and learn about working with live Egyptian musicians; something I would have never experienced where I am from. Learning from the musicians has given me a much better understanding of how Middle Eastern music works, and how to feel belly dance music. The course also gave the chance to work with other dance/ improv instructors which helped put connections between belly dance, modern dance, and emotions together. This has improved my dance posture and passion. I am so grateful for this course!”
– Lindsay Cottin, Regina, Saskatchewan

“Yasmina Ramzy managed to create a very unique course which has no analogue in other countries to my knowledge. The subjects which were tough in the course would unlikely be formally tough even in Egypt, The county of belly dance. Personally, the course gave me a great sense of information about the Middle Eastern dance in general, culture and its music. Also I very much needed the lessons on marketing and self promotion a dancer in order to progress in my dance career. Again, to my knowledge such subjects are not tough anywhere else. To sum up, I found the course extremely informative and inspiring and it gave me a good push to proceed with my career as a professional Bellydancer.”
– Lena Yavorska,U.K.

“PRO COURSE ROCKS!!!!!!! Best experience ever! You’ll take information to assimilate for years and years to come. Don’t hesitate, TAKE IT!!!”
– Maryfer Cardenas, Mexico


2019 The Pro Course Graduates

Asli Romm (Toronto, Ontario)

Anika  (Rochester, NY)

Claudya Khalida (Montreal, Quebec)

Rebecca Diane ( Boston, MA)

Staci Noel (Toronto, Ontario)

Teadora (NYC, NY)

Lyana Katatba (Richmond Hill, Ontario


2018 The Pro Course Graduates
Anastassia Lachina (Toronto, Ontario)
Marcela Caldeira (Brazil)
Caley Morris (Toronto, Ontario)
Marina Noda (Japan)
Vanessa Sun (Toronto, Ontario)
Charlotte Lin (Toronto, Ontario)

2015 – 2017 Master Pro Course Graduates
Linda Riyad (Nashville, Tennessee)
Shara (Portland Oregon)
Dharlene Valeda (Kitchener, Ontario)
Camelia (Toronto, Ontario)
Meyranie Rinfret (Montreal, Quebec))
Viraj (Edmonton, Alberta)
Charlene Dawson, (Toronto, Ontario)
Ingrid Lure (Latvia)
Beth Srynyk (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Anne Vermeyden (Waterloo, Ontario)
Sharleen Rivero (Toronto, Ontatio)
Julie Middleton (Hamilton, Ontario)
Amity Alize (Lebanon, NH)
Valizan (Hamilton, Ontario)
Amara (NYC / Nashville)
Mylene Cayer (Ste. Foy, Quebec)
Roxy-Natalye Chuchuro (Richmind Hill, Ontario)
Lena (U.K.)

2014 Professional Course Graduates
Beth Srynyk (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Anne Vermeyden (Waterloo, Ontario
Linda Darras (Toronto, Ontario)
Julie Middleton (Hamilton, Ontario)
Nicole Zafer (Chicago, IL)

2013 Professional Course Graduates
Nicole Zafer (Chicago, IL)
Alia Thabit (New York, NY)
Angelica Jordan (Montreal, Quebec)
Sharleen Rivero (Toronto, Ontario)
Neyka Ramos (Puerto Rico/U.S.A.)
Hala Jamal (Edmonton, Alberta)
Kelvia Flores (Puerto Rico/U.S.A.)
Amity Alize (Lebanon, New Hampshire)
Kali Zahira (New Zealand)
Mylene Cayer (Ste-Foy, Quebec)
Loaya (Puerto Rico)

2012 Professional Course Graduates
Nadia Oryema (Toronto)
Tim Spronk (Toronto)
Shadia Saad (Toronto)
Catherine Mais (Toronto)
Perla Rosales (Mexico)
Catherine Mais (Toronto, Canada)
Natalya Chuchulo (Russia)
Karina B.(Hong Kong)
Andrea Fryett (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Corey Besso (Toronto, Canada)
Florence LeClerc (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Sandra Ngo-Trong (Canada/Vietnam)
Rebecca Jeffrey (Chile)

2011 Professional Course Graduates
Ashley Denno (Tennessee, USA)
Amira Abdi (Ukraine)
Meredith Renwick (Toronto, Canada)
Shelina Amarsi (Oakville, ON)
Michelle Marinho (Brazil)
Siham Chowdhury (Toronto,ON, Canada)
Tara Hofstede (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Jagoda Spronk (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Meyranie Rinfret-Rodriguez(Quebec, Canada)
Trisha Chetek Motiuk (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Melissa Martel (Sudbury, ON, Canada)
Vian Stetch (Thunder Bay, ON, Canada)
Andrea Leggat (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Camille Djokoto “Camelia” (Toronto, ON, Canada)

2010 Professional Course Graduates
Rosalba (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Ingrida Lure (Latvia)
Katrina Kukurs (Toronto, Canada)
Maria Kiturah (Edmonton, AB,Canada)
Hillary Posey(Memphis,TN, USA)
Rebecca Jeffrey (Chile)
Charlene Dawson (Toronto,Canada)
Holly Evans (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Noor (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Alecia May (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
Shara (Portland, OR, USA)
Vanessa (Montreal, QC, Canada)
Letitia (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

2009 Professional Course Graduates
Anjelica Scannura (Toronto,ON, Canada)
Jaene Castrillon (Toronto,ON, Canada)
Svetlana (Russia)
Lena (England)
Linda Bursey (Halifax, NS, Canada)
Lindsay Cottin (Calgary, AB, Canada)
Eve-Line Archanbault (Quebec, Canada)
Deborah Shaw (Toronto,ON, Canada)
Anne Boudreau (UAE)
Kristin Panylyk (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

2008 Professional Course Graduates
Shema (England)
Nikki Gentles(Toronto, ON,Canada)
Leigh Clarke (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Ingrid Schossler (Brazil)
Kiran Sohal (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Khalida (Kingston, ON,Canada)
Ameera (Kingston, ON,Canada)
Haley Freeman (Toronto, ON,Canada)

2007 Professional Course Graduates
Sarah Brawley (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Ivanka Espinoza (Panama)
Marilou Calce “Loulou” (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Maryfer Cardenas (Mexico)
Valizan (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
Tamami Shirai (Japan)
Eva Hu (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Nita Collins (Whitehorse, YT, Canada)
Annie Godbout (Montreal, QC,Canada)
Charlene Bosiak (Calgary, AB, Canada)

2006 Professional Course Graduates
Lisa Genzer (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Ana Chora (Portugal)
Dr. Dina Ghanim (Austria)
Chellcy Reitsma (USA)
Serena Kerbes (Calgary, AB,Canada)
Elizabeth Ann Moss (USA)
Diane Terrana (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Noor Saleem (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Irina Petrenciuk (Toronto, ON,Canada)

2005 Professional Course Graduates
Linda Riyad (Tennessee, USA)
Melissa Gamal (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Aniko (Hungary)
Aurora Ongaro (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Nada El Masriya (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Viraj Wanigasekara (Canada)
Hally (China)
Laura Selenzi (Halifax, NS, Canada)
Nisreen Harb (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Trina DeSouza (Toronto, ON,Canada)

2004 Professional Course Graduates
Eiko Kocher (Indiana, USA)
Denise Mireau (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Voula Zisis (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Laleh Al Zahrah (Puerto Rico, USA)
Jeniffer Perez (Puerto Rico, USA)
Natalie Riviera (Puerto Rico, USA)
Maliery Garcia ( Puerto Rico,USA)
Elena Mendez (Puerto Rico, USA)

2003 Professional Course Graduates
Sophia Nur (Atlanta, Geogia, USA)
Saba Alemayehu Asfaw (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Jeana Deletra (USA)
Johara Samar (Canada)
Dawna Robertson (Sarnia, ON, Canada)
Nita Collins (Whitehorse, YT, Canada)
Rachel Kay Brookmire (Washington, DC,USA)
Samantha Rajak (Toronto, ON,Canada)

2002 Professional Course Graduates
Dharlene Valeda (Guelph, ON, Canada)
Beve Gardener (Canada)
Patricia Savage (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
Roula Said (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Eeva Koski (Canada)
Ioanna Timaru (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Mel Duhamel (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Kimberley Johnson (Canada)
Ingrid Schmelter (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Mary Petsoulas (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Victoria Kapos (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Judy Reynolds (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Rhodora Yurick (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Sal Williams (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Emese Dosa (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Vickie Kramkowski (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Robin Stavnitzky (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Karen Foster (Toronto, ON,Canada)

2001 Professional Course Graduates
Claudia Ramirez (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Corinne Carone (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Gail Bruckner (Guelph, ON,Canada)
Joanne Camillieri (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Khrista Boon (Sudbury, ON,Canada)
Venus (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Marianne Aznar (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Nada Lanteigne (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Oxana Podkorova (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Audra Simmons (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Anne Boudreau (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Allison Schiffman (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Anne-Marie Hood (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Amara (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Chemagne Martin (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Danisa Misaljevic (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Dionne Hemsley (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Emily Ampofo (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Emma Lensen (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Julie Peters (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Lisanne Skeoch (Toronto, ON,Canada)
Sophie Luxton (Toronto, ON,Canada)